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Hey there, valued customer. This page aims to make recycling better for you. You look great by the way...

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Contact Us:

  • T: 020 8404 6330
  • F: 020 8404 4893
  • E:
  • P: 24 Helios Road, BedZED Centre, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7BZ

Top Tips for Beginners

So, you've just started recycling with The Laundry and you're wondering what the first steps are... Here are Linda's Top Tips:

  1. Tell everyone about your new recycling scheme (I mean everyone in the office - otherwise step 1 might become a life-long quest).
  2. Print out posters and stick them up around the office.
  3. Make sure you are on the supercool email reminder list. Its free and it helps you remember to put your bags out.
  4. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can set up a weekly reminder alarm too.
  5. Get a bin. They are a tangible object that will encourage people to recycle and hangout and chat.
  6. Make sure the watercooler doesn't become jealous of the new bin. Talk to it, wink at it.
  7. Tell the cleaner. This is really important. Many cleaners are secretly employed by the Anti-Recycling Bureau and might 'accidentally' throw away blue sacks in office. Its a terrible shame to see a weeks recycling 'accidentally' thrown away like rubbish. But if the cleaners are told about recycling, then this excuse is useless. Remember, a lack of paranoia is a luxury that we can't afford.
  8. Tell your friends in the building about us (if they join you get 2 free cinema tickets. I love the smell of Laundry in the morning.)

Collection query

So, its Thursday afternoon and you've got a query about your collection - just ring the office (020 8404 6330) and we'll sort it out.

But what if we miss your collection?

  • If you can hang on until next Thursday great, just take the sacks in and we'll get 'em next time.
  • If not, then send us an email with your name, company, address and phone number by 10.30am on Friday.
  • You should also tell us if you have taken the recycling back inside, or if it is outside, where you have left it.
  • If you have to leave it out, leave it in your doorway once you’ve shut for the day, to avoid getting fined by the council.
  • NB – we can only collect any missed bags if you tell us!

Leaving your Company

If you are the point of contact in your company and are leaving to go and work for a competitor with a briefcase of industrial secrets and a pocket full of high-lighters please do three things:

  • First thing: tell your replacement about The Laundry and how it works
  • Second thing: email us the name of your replacement and their email so they can be in on the reminder list.
  • Third thing: Feel free to tell you new employers about us. The cinema offer still stands.

Moving office

Just call us on 020 8404 6330 or email us to tell us your new address. We'll probably still be able to collect from your new office, and if not we can recommend another recycling company that can help you.


You are important to us. We are keen to hear from you and resolve any problem. Please call 020 8404 6330 and ask for Jess or email us.