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Date: June 2006
People: The Laundry &

Price: £55 + VAT

From computer graveyards in dusty corners of tiny offices to total systems upgrades in business behemoths - we can reuse or recycle the lot.

Why you need computer recycling :

  • I.T. stuff is bulky so the bin men (and ladies) won't take it
  • It can also be hazardous so you are not allowed to put it in the rubbish landfill it (we know you wouldn't want to anyway)
  • Getting it collected can be really expensive

What we can do about it :

  • Maxitech can take it away for £55
  • This is way cheaper than it usually costs, Maxitech are offering a special rate to Laundry customers
  • Maxitech recondition all the I.T. stuff and give it to charities and schools or sell it to businesses
  • They train young people to do the reconditioning as part of a social inclusion programme
  • Anything that can't be reconditioned gets recycled - absolutely nothing that is hazardous gets landfilled
  • Maxitech ensures that all drives containing data are wiped clean so that there is no chance of the new owner accessing it
  • Maxitech are not for profit - everything they do is for environmental and social benefit. The £55 charge contributes to staff time and collections costs.

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