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Stuff we recycle:
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The Laundry is a weekly kerbside recycling solution for small businesses in London.

We've changed the rules to make recycling cheap and easy:

Here's how it works:

It's all about the Laundry sacks:

  1. You get these from us (they cost 75p each).
  2. You fill them up
  3. You put the sacks outside in the garage door way on Thursday afternoon at your collection time.
  4. We pick the sacks up in our dumper truck.
  5. You kick back with a cuppa and feel the warm recycling glow. End of story.

What its not all about:

  • Minimum collection amounts. Like, duh!
  • Just taking white paper. Hello?, have you seen how many magazines I've got?
  • Annual fees, collection charges, fines etc etc. Next!

Stuff we can recycle from the kerbside:

Other materials we can recycle:

Any questions? Feel free to call 020 8404 6330 for a chat or email us