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It's all about the blue Laundry Paper Sacks:

  1. You get these from us (they cost 75p each).
  2. You fill them with all types of paper (we're not fussy - we take: white and coloured paper, envelopes, newspapers, magazines, glossy paper and post-its. We're cool about staples too.) They can take up to 7kgs of paper and they have to be tied up.
  3. You put the sacks outside in the doorway of your office on Thursday afternoon at your collection time.
  4. We pick the sacks up in our dumper truck.
  5. You kick back with a cuppa and feel the warm recycling glow. End of story.

What its not all about:

  • Minumum collection amounts. Like, duh!
  • Just taking white paper. Hello?, have you seen how many magazines I've got?
  • Annual fees, collection charges, fines etc etc. Next!

If you're into cardboard then its all about the Stickers (also 75p each). You bundle up your cardboard and then stick a blue Laundry sticker on each bundle. Stickers are also handy if you have boxes of brochures or old papers to get rid of, just put a sticker on each box and put them out at the collection time too.

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To download a paper recycling poster for your office click here for A3 or here for A4